Dinner Specials October 18,2017

Duck wing, Tropical buffalo sauce.-$12.00 Crab & avocado salad, blue crab meat, spicy pine nuts, grapefruit vinaigrette and balsamic glaze.-$16.00 Crab Cake, grilled pineapple, mixed greens, cajun remoulade, asian white sauce.-$14.00 Steak TarTar, Capers, shallots, Cornichon, Dijon, grilled pita bread.-$12.00 Scottish Salmon, pan seared, cucumber aioli, basmati rice, Manuel’s Blue Clay farm vegetables.-$28.00 Pheasant au […]

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Dinner Specials September 13,2017

Crab & avocado, Grapefruit Vinaigrette, spicy Pine nuts, orange tobiko.-$16.00 Steak Tartar, Dijon, shallots, Cornichons, pita bread.-$14.00 Beef Brisket Pot Smokers, House smoked with pickled carrots, Bbq sauce.-$12.00 Duck wings, Pepper and onion confit.-$12.00 Pasta special, Veal parmesan, spicy red sauce, Black pepper fettuccini, parmesan cheese.-$28.00 Surf and turf, Filet of beef, red wine mushroom […]

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Dinner Specials August 9,2017

Smoked salmon salad, Smoked salmon, lemon Creme Fraiche, orange Tobiko, seaweed salad, mixed greens, shaved red onion ,cucumbers,South Carolina “Gun Powder”.-$14.00 Steak tartar, Beef tenderloin, dijon, shallot Cornichon, house made kimchi.-$16.00 Crab & avocado, Grapefruit Vinaigrette, spicy Pine nut.-$16.00 Seafood pasta, Mussels and shrimp with black pepper fettuccine, basil pesto cream sauce, finished with farm […]

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