Blue Clay Farm

When Manuel Verney-Carron acquired ownership of the Blue Clay Farm Operations in June, he decided to transform it into a sustainable community vegetable garden with a French Flair. His first task was to create a large grassy reception area for gatherings in the farm. His meticulous manner has created a wonderful and semi-classical french garden with ornamental flowers, fresh herbs, and beautiful vegetables. He plans on hosting a number of Farmer’s Wine Dinners throughout the year and currently uses all herbs and vegetables from the garden in his everyday cooking at Manuel’s Bread Cafe.

“When guests are here, they know our product is fresh. They can see our chefs coming from the garden with all of the fresh herbs and vegetables to be used that night. Everything from our Plats du Jour down to our table decorations (grown in the farm) are as local as we can possibly get it.” – Chef Manuel Verney-Carron


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